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10 Things every man and woman need to know about semen

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Male infertility and Men’s health Posts by Dr Barak June 14, 2015 No Comments

1. Just 5% of the volume of the ejaculate (semen)  is actual sperm!

2. Sperm is contained in the tail of epididymides. The first part of the ejaculate contains the highest concentration of sperm

3. Most of the contribution to the volume of  semen comes from the seminal vesicles (70%) and the prostate (25%)

4. The prostatic fluid is acidic and the seminal vesicles fluid is alkaline. The PH of semen is alkaline  as the main contribution to semen volume comes from the seminal vesicles.

5. Frequent sex or masturbation may lower semen volume but has NO negative impact on sperm concentration and quality

6. sperm stays in the Fallopian tubes for 72 hours.

7. Men can improve the quality of their sperm by avoiding smoking, high fat diet, high amounts of alcohol and exposure to environmental toxins

8. Exposure to heat like frequent use of hot tub lessens sperm count. Sperm count may be impacted dramatically and this effect can last for months

9.Relax! the ejaculate  seen coming out of the vagina after sex doesn’t contain much sperm. Most of the sperm is already on its way up to the Fallopian tubes

10. If the volume of your ejaculate seems bit low, I will recommend doing a semen analysis and further discussion with me.



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