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Advanced men’s age – potential reproductive effects

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Male infertility and Men’s health June 30, 2015 No Comments

The trend of delaying parenthood to the mid or late thirties applies to both women and men.
IVF which has become more accessible to the general population, enables couples to pursue a fertility treatment later in their life. The strong association between female’s age and her reproductive potential is well established. However, what do we know about the reproductive potential of older men, or in other words, what is the the effect of advanced paternal age on their reproductive outcome ?
Unlike with  women and declining ovarian function towards menopause  , sperm production  continues throughout life.

Yet, man aging does cause  unfavorable  changes in his testes and to his overall reproductive potential. The main changes are  decrease in testicular volume and  in Testosterone production. The possible consequences  may include decreased bone and muscle mass, sexual body hair , and increased abdominal obesity, as well as higher incidence of erectile dysfunction There is also a trend of age-related decline in  Semen volume , sperm motility and increase in sperm abnormal morphology.Deterioration in sperm quality and DNA integrity was  also reported.

Increased male age is also associated with increased risk of spontaneous abortion and diseases of complex origin such as schizophrenia, autism spectrum disorders, autosomal dominant inherited diseases and Trisomy 21.

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