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Why choose Dr Barak?

Dr Shlomi Barak is a gynaecologist, fertility and IVF specialist who is also a highly regarded expert in the field of male reproductive health. An Israeli – Australian fellowship trained surgeon, Dr Barak is an active member in professional associations worldwide. His recent lectures, publications and book chapters can be found in his curriculum vitae.

  • As an expert in both fields of female and male fertility Dr Barak is able to have comprehensive and more complete view of your fertility problem.
  • As fifty percent (50%) of all infertility cases show a significant contribution from the male side, It makes sense to be assessed by a trained expert in the area. Dr Barak’s experience as a fertility specialist who is also an Andrologist demonstrates that a better understanding of both sides will be later translated into higher success rates.
  • Dr Barak strongly believes in creative, personalized, and evidence-based fertility care.
  • You will be in the hands of Dr Barak, who provides cutting edge care and is highly regarded expert in the field of female and male infertility
  • For your convenience,most medical evaluations are coordinated and performed at a single office visit.
  • Coming from interstate or overseas to see Dr. Barak? Dr Barak sees interstate and international patients regularly and his staff will coordinate your visit and care in the most efficient way.
  • I believe that knowledge is power. I write and post a blog regularly to give patients insights into fertility issues and treatment. By providing patients with thorough information and letting them make their own decisions, I find that they are much happier during and after their treatment.

Set up your appointment today and get Dr Shlomi Barak to work with you to make your dreams come true. Dr Barak consistently provides the utmost personal, compassionate and state-of-the-art care.

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