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Emotional Reactions to Infertility

Common reactions to a diagnosis of infertility include: surprise, disbelief and denial of the problem, anger with the partner and medical attendants, resentfulness of the need to participate in infertility tests, feelings of depression, loss of self-esteem, marital disharmony, and temporary sexual problems, such as loss of interest and poor erections.  These feelings are essentially normal initial psychological aspects of grief.  These problems decrease with time as an understanding of the infertility is achieved.

Some couples may be helped by discussions with their fertility specialist. or other infertile couples in self-help groups.  Specialist Infertility counsellors are also available to assist couples in adjusting to the diagnosis of infertility and to explore the medical and social options.

During your initial infertility consultation with  Dr Barak, your worries, uncertainties, goals and expectations will also be discussed.

As Dr Barak is also highly specialized in the treatment of male sexual dysfunction (erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation etc.), these problems/ difficulties will be addressed and treated as needed.