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A consultation with Dr. Barak, in either our East Melbourne or Werribee locations, includes a lengthy visit, complete review of medical records, pelvic or scrotal scan and a thorough discussion of options.

A second opinion from Dr. Barak includes a comprehensive review of medical records along with a discussion regarding treatment options. A second opinion can endorse your treatment decision or present new possibilities you weren’t aware of.

To schedule, call Dr Barak rooms East Melbourne 03-94161614. You may also get in touch using the form below.

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    Please complete this questionnaire as completely as possible. Please bring this form with you to your initial consultation with Dr. Barak. Please also bring any semen analyses, blood tests, or other evaluations have been previously performed. If a testicular biopsy has been performed, please bring the pathology slides of the biopsy (obtained from The Department of Pathology where the biopsy was done.)
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