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Get a second opinion from Dr Barak

If I will be asked to identify the most common reason which brings fertility patients to see me for a second opinion, this will be the one: the way they were treated or investigated didn’t make sense to them!

As fertility specialists this is our job to understand and make the right interpretation of the enormous amount of information so that the patient can make the best decisions regarding their fertility care.

It is a known fact that the way that medical information, symptoms and investigation results are interpreted and delivered differs widely among specialists. This can have a significant effect on patients decision-making and treatment results.

To learn more about getting a second opinion from Dr. Barak, please contact us here. If you are ready to schedule a consultation for a second opinion, please request a consultation here.

Why do fertility patients seek a Second Opinion?

Medical advice can sometimes get complex. However, is should always be clear enough to understand ,and most importantly, to make sense to you. You have a right to have all of your questions answered. Make sure that the advice you have been given makes sense. Don’t hesitate to seek a second opinion in regards to how you should proceed with your fertility care. It is important to get this extra bit of reassurance.


A second opinion is an important part of becoming educated about your fertility problem and the appropriate management. Second opinions are more likely to be comprehensive, or inclusive of every possible perspective.

Why should I get a second opinion?

  • The way your infertility was managed thus far showed no results.
  • You would like to educate yourself further in regards to your problem before proceeding to next stage.
  • You are not satisfied from how your questions are being answered.
  • You don’t feel comfortable with your current fertility specialist – “no chemistry”
  • Frequently specialists seek opinions from other expertsregarding the best care for their patients. This results in higher quality medical care for the patient, especially in cases of complex medical conditions.