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What to Expect

The first step to approach your infertility is booking an initial infertility consultation.

During your initial infertility consultation Dr. Barak will go through relevant medical histories with both partners. This will be followed by a thorough physical examination and an ultrasound scan when indicated.

The aim of this comprehensive evaluation is to establish the cause of your infertility.

New patients are highly encouraged to bring along any documentations and reports of previous investigations that will be reviewed during the consultation.

In certain cases, Dr Barak might suggest performing further investigations in order to get to a final diagnosis.

During this consultation your worries, uncertainties, goals and expectations will also be discussed.

On your  follow-up visit Dr. Barak will  evaluate  any further test or procedure results and will  discuss with you the best approach towards your infertility.

How to schedule your consultation?

Call (03)94161614 or CLICK HERE to schedule an initial consultation

In certain cases, a dedicated male infertility thorough consultation is needed.

This consultation will include a comprehensive review of medical history, illness or injury affecting testes, pubertal development, sexual performance, fertility exposures, occupation and habits.

Following the interview, Dr. Barak will perform a general and focused physical examination of the penis, testicles, epididymides and vas deferens. Presence of enlargement of the scrotal veins (varicocele) will also be evaluated.

Testicular ultrasound – as part of his evaluation, Dr. Barak generally performs an ultrasound scan of the testicles and epididymides. This examination  is useful to check for unpalpable tumors in the testes. It is also used to measure testicular size and confirm the presence and nature of cysts or other abnormalities in the scrotum.

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